Entrepreneurship Support

Active and prospective business starters need the space for creative development of their ideas, i.e. a supportive and nurturing framework that enables them to set the course for professional implementation of the entrepreneurial route and to go down this step by step. Useful resources and the proximity of other business starter teams provide the real stimulation for the business idea that has been further developed into a business concept.



The E-LABs at the ZE Zentrum für Entrepreneurship: Time/Space for Ideas/Reflection/Implementation

With the E-LABs, the ZE Zentrum für Entrepreneurship at the campus locations of Göttingen (GO-E-LAB) and Stade (STA-E-LAB) provides the appropriate entrepreneurship support for the essential steps on the entrepreneurial path. Each E-LAB is to be seen as a start-up workshop and, in particular, as an experimental space that provides you with the best possible start conditions. This enables the business starter teams to become part of an innovation and start-up culture that is lived and breathed.



The Offering of the E-LABs

In addition to the premises and the infrastructure for young business starters from the university sphere, the accompanying advisory support provides straightforward practical assistance and gives valuable suggestions.


The ZE team assists start-up teams in formulating, testing and further developing business concepts, with a view to their establishing themselves successfully in the market. Prospective business starters also obtain information here about finance and funding issues, the necessary support with applications for (public) start-up grants(EXIST business start-up grant etc.) and an appropriate connection to the far-reaching professional networks of the ZE Centre for Entrepreneurship. The dialogue with other business starters ensures that there is a stimulating working atmosphere.



What are the requirements on you?

  • You will have a concrete business idea that you have formulated in writing (outline idea).
  • Following an assessment of your idea and an in-depth discussion, you will qualify for temporary inclusion in the E-LAB.
  • You will then be able, with the support of the ZE Centre for Entrepeneurship, to further develop your business concept (including business plan), to prepare the next steps in detail and then to take them. This will be based on a jointly drafted development plan, which will give you guidance.



E-LAB Aufnahmekriterien:

  • Innovative, wachstumsorientierte Gründungsidee (branchenübergreifend)
  • Engagiertes Team mit konkreter Gründungsabsicht und erstem Vorkonzept
  • Status als (Fern-)Studierende, Absolventen (Alumni) oder Mitarbeiter/innen der PFH Privaten Hochschule Göttingen oder Studierende, Absolventen oder wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter/innen der Hochschulregion Göttingen und Stade



Bewerbungsunterlagen (Lebenslauf und eine ein- bis zweiseitige Ideenskizze) richten Sie bitte an:

ZE Zentrum für Entrepreneurship gruendungsberatung(at)pfh.de