Entrepreneurship Education/Training

The ZE Zentrum für Entrepreneurship offers an extensive teaching/learning programme in the area of entrepreneurship education and training. In addition to raising students' awareness and providing motivation, the programme focuses on qualifying students to take entrepreneurial initiative. All courses in initial and continuing education are geared to the (further) development of the ability to act entrepreneurially and hence to the corresponding key qualifications. The course of the entrepreneurial path is often changeable and unpredictable, for young and established companies alike. It places not only high specialist requirements, but also complex, methodological, personal and social requirements, which need to be met. Entrepreneurial learning is therefore special and an ongoing task, which requires particular teaching/learning formats for activation and handling, particularly in relation to the capacity for change and the flexibility in entrepreneurial thinking and behaviour, respectively.


Precise orientation to practice is regarded as the basic didactic principle, regardless of the respective course type (curricular/extracurricular), i.e. the aim is always to forge a link between theoretical/methodological knowledge and practical application. Particularly if theoretical knowledge is being put to the test in the sense of "training on the entrepreneur's job", long-term learning successes can be obtained. We attempt to implement this, for example, via project seminars and activities relating to business start-up, innovation and creativity or via start-up simulation games and ideas and creative workshops. In the area of continuing education, we offer interesting executive programmes and workshops to consolidate your expertise, particularly involving current specialist topics or special focus on the typical challenges facing family-run enterprises, such as those relating to succession.


The ZE Zentrum für Entrepreneurship constantly endeavours to develop and offer innovative teaching/learning concepts so as to set the appropriate course for entrepreneurial initiative. The Entrepreneurship School is an example of a corresponding event format.