The ZE Zentrum für Entrepreneurship is rigorously committed to the entrepreneurial idea and attempts to raise enthusiasm for it and to keep it moving. The main incentive for our social commitment in the area of Entrepreneurship Culture/Community is to increase students' awareness of, and to qualify them for, the topic area of entrepreneurship and to establish this in their long-term thinking and behaviours so as to create and strengthen a culture of autonomy. This embeddedness in cultural practice acts as a measure for general improvement of the start-up climate, but is also simultaneously the foundation for effective and individual support. Effective, workable social networks, from whose community sponsors and mentors can be recruited as multipliers for entrepreneurial projects, act as a supportive aid.


We take seriously the insight that an ability to act entrepreneurially is a key qualification for the future. We create the appropriate occasions for this. Our work relating to school, university and company collaborative partnerships, in particular, is characterised – with simulation games, competitions and talks – by special "entrepreneurial" opportunities. In addition, we participate proactively in social discourse and start education initiatives, such as the PFH Entrepreneurship Spring School. Under the motto “ideas in motion”, we offer participants the possibility of acquiring, consolidating and drilling concise, practically oriented start-up knowledge over a three-day period so as to enable the further steps along the entrepreneurial path to be successfully undertaken, even where the terrain is difficult.


Entsprechende Initiativen sind beispielsweise:

Entrepreneurship Spring School mit GO-E-AWARD


 AXIA Award - Mittelstandspreis der Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft Deloitte
(Wissenschaftliche Begleitung für die Region Norddeutschland durch Prof. Dr. Frank Albe)


Die vier norddeutschen Gewinner des AXIA Awards stellt Deloitte auch per Video vor.