ZE Zentrum für Entrepreneurship – Focusing on Entrepreneurship

The focus is on entrepreneurship, in all its facets. The ZE Zentrum für Entrepreneurship intends to establish entrepreneurial benchmarks and opens up entrepreneurial horizons through a clear vision: reflecting the core values of PFH University of Applied Sciences, the ZE Zentrum für Entrepreneurship applies itself systematically to the formation and encouragement of entrepreneurial thinking and behaviour. Sensitising, motivating and qualifying students in terms of an ability to act entrepreneurially and to live entrepreneurship is a key concern, as is a commitment to providing long-term support and concomitant advice.


In the interests of the long-term establishment of a culture of entrepreneurial initiative, the entire spectrum of offerings and services (Entrepreneurship Culture, Education/Training, Research, Coaching/Consulting, Support) is geared to the requirements of innovative entrepreneurship. What is important is to give an effective boost to entrepreneurship, viewed as a complex learning and action process or as a special form of economic behaviour in practice torn between innovation and routine, in the interests of economic and social progress. The credo "No business as usual" applies to entrepreneurship and hence also to the work of the ZE Zentrum für Entrepreneurship.


Entrepreneurial paths are not uniform, but the following principle applies to them: the ability to act entrepreneurially is a crucial key qualification and a constant development task. This implies a willingness to learn or, in the sense of "knowledge in action", openness to innovation and hence capacity for change. The ZE Zentrum für Entrepreneurship provides conceptual answers to questions of the methodology and requirements of entrepreneurial learning or contemporary ability to act entrepreneurially. The evolutionary steps on the path to becoming a learning entrepreneur are systematically prepared, made tangible and supported according to the principle "FUTURE ENTERPRISE".



ZE Zentrum für Entrepreneurship – Your Partner on the Entrepreneurial Path

With its special commitment, the ZE Zentrum für Entrepreneurship sees itself as a constructive, specialist source of inspiration, mentor and sounding board, promoter and supporter of the entrepreneurial idea and deed – in terms of both young or nascent companies and established ones.