Entrepreneurship School - Young Business Starters Hone Their Ideas


Business starter teams take advantage of PFH's annually Entrepreneurship Spring School to work on their business ideas. Expert talks, feedback sessions with experienced entrepreneurs and intensive workshop phases assist them in this respect.


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GO-E Award to Cocktail Scene Drink

The jury led by Prof. Dr. Bernhard H. Vollmar, Director of the Zentrum für Entrepreneurship at PFH, marked out the idea of marketing a drink already successful as a cocktail in the top clubs in Munich and Berlin as a ready-bottled cocktail scene shot as the most promising start-up project. "At the end of the workshop, the concept was virtually ready to be implemented", Vollmar explains. The prospective business starter, PFH student Florian Müller-Stauch, had fully costed his project, from financing to cost accounting right through to sales and marketing. He had one of the last components of his concept, the sensory taste test, performed by other participants on the evenings of the workshop - and impressed across the board.

Many of the other business ideas, such as various specialised online portals, a new concept for bicycle safety, but also classical offline business models like handcrafting of design-oriented seating furniture, a men's boutique in rural Bavaria or a recruiting centre, were represented and matured over the course of the workshop days.



Fireside Chats: First-Hand Business Starter Knowledge

In addition to the expert talks, soft skills training in Duderstadt city park and the extensive workshop phases, discussions with experienced founders and entrepreneurs was also an important component of the Spring School. For example, Kenan Hasan, attendee at the 2012 Spring School and successful founder of Miamed, the learning portal for medical practitioners, reported from the practical world of business starters. Stefan Keveloh (Sparkasse Göttingen) and Thomas Herzog (co-founder of Innovestment) illuminated the topic of financing from various perspectives. Ansgar Holtmann, 2004 PFH graduate and himself an entrepreneur (Vendion Consulting), as well as Christopher Vogt, PFH graduate and employee with App Lift GmbH, provided detailed feedback on the start-up ideas, as did Marco Böhme, Göttinger Medienunternehmer (Faktor).

At the end of the three-day workshop, many of the teams had developed start-up ideas into serious business models. Several projects are now very close to being implemented. "The spectrum of ideas and participants, who came from different universities and different backgrounds, did a lot for the atmosphere", ZE Director Vollmar said.

At the end of the three-day period, the founder teams had developed their business ideas much further. "Precisely those questions that we were unclear about were answered here, actually enabling us to enter the market now", Helge Halm, Klinikengel co-founder, reported. "The discussions with the other founders, the talks, fireside chats and the atmosphere were all a fantastic experience for us as young entrepreneurs".