This is a brief presentation of current and former starter teams in the GO-E-LAB:


The three physicists, Johannes Dörr, Waldemar Kornewald and Thomas Wanschik, are planning to set up on their own with their pentotype idea after successfully completing their studies at Georg-August University Göttingen. They are programming software that is designed to put an end to the laborious creation of flow diagrams and outline ideas using computer mouse and keyboard.


The aim is for users to be able to visualise ideas, concepts and mockups as easily as on a sheet of paper, with the advantage of being able to work on and further utilise them digitally. The software is designed to translate character movements on tablet computers directly into the desired form like circle, rectangle or navigation elements for websites and make them usable as objects.


The founders of pentotype are being supported by means of EXIST business start-up grants and the free use of infrastructure as well as advice from the pre-incubator GO-E-LAB of PFH University of Applied Sciences.

Rent the Hand

Rent the Hand is a service provided by our company, Talented People UG, with which we have specialised in finding mainly short-term »hands-on« student jobs. We see ourselves as a national service provider for students and are always on the look-out for attractive student jobs.


RewardMe enables its customers to give themselves so-called "rewards". These rewards are quite different and vary according to business. They may, for example, be a head massage at a hairdresser's, free admission to one's favourite disco or just a discount on one's latest purchase in a shoe or clothes shop. Partner businesses include clubs, clothes shops, hairdresser salons, solariums, restaurants, bars and many other young businesses.


In order to be able to use the rewards, you need to have a Facebook account and a smartphone. The customer uses a RewardMe app, which is located on a point-of-sale display near the checkout, to scan a QR code while still in the shop. The scanning automatically generates a status update on the customer's Facebook account, which generates a note for all the relevant customer's friends to the effect that he a) has just bought something there and b) his friends and acquaintances can also reward themselves in the shop.


STINNS manufactures exclusive iPhone & iPad cases, which are defined by a simple, modern design, high accuracy of fit and high quality standards. Only high-quality materials are used for them.


The product portfolio ranges from ultra-flat hard cases through to optimally protective flip cases made of full-grain leather.


Special attention is being paid to sustainable business practices. The packaging is therefore manufactured from renewable raw materials and has the Grüner Punkt label (Green Dot: German dual system of waste collection).


STINNS sells its products via online channels such as Amazon and via the retail trade and has been successful in the market since 2011.