Entrepreneurship Coaching/Consulting

The ZE Zentrum für Entrepreneurship (Centre for Entrepreneurship) is an expert companion, contact, source of inspiration and pacesetter on the entrepreneurial route. To be able to compete successfully in the marketplace, professional preparation, strategic strength and reflection on the workability of entrepreneurial projects are crucial. This insight applies to established companies, but it applies in particular, of course, to start-up companies.


The offering in the area of entrepreneurship coaching/consulting


  • is geared to the fields of start-up, growth/innovation and succession/sustainability and hence to the different phases or challenges along the entrepreneurial route.
  • opens up entrepreneurial horizons, provides constructive support, gives valuable suggestions and ensures effective guidance for the next learning steps, with regard, for example, to start-up and innovation projects or also in relation to issues to do with succession in family-run enterprises.


The Team of the ZE Zentrum für Entrepreneurship offers you advice and assistance with formulating, testing and further developing (business) concepts with a view to their successful implementation. The content focus is mainly on innovation and growth-oriented projects and initiatives. Prospective business starters, in particular, acquire, in the context of a coaching concept


  • the necessary start-up know-how
  • information about finance and funding issues
  • the appropriate support with applications for (public) start-up grants (Gründercampus Niedersachsen, EXIST start-up grant, NBank etc.) including a diagnosis of potential
  • rapid connection to the far-reaching professional networks of the ZE Zentrum für Entrepreneurship.


The basis of a rapidly proceeding start-up project is a jointly drafted development roadmap, which provides you with guidance and a clear perspective.


The E-LABs (GO-E-LAB, STA-E-LAB) in the area of entrepreneurship support enable us to make premises and infrastructure available, where necessary, for young business starters from the university sphere and to provide an opportunity for dialogue with other business starters in a stimulating working atmosphere.


Addressees include students, graduates, scientists, companies, local authorities etc. The programme, particularly in the area of funding advice, is provided on a cross-university basis at the Göttingen campus. Do not hesitate to approach us, regardless of the current stage of your entrepreneurial development! ZE Zentrum für Entrepreneurship gruendungsberatung(at)pfh.de