<strong>IDEAS IN MOTION</strong><p>Under this motto&#44; the<br />ZE Zentrum für Entrepreneurship<br />extends an annual invitation to attend<br />the PFH Entrepreneurship School.</p><strong>GO-E-LAB-OPEN</strong><p>Open day for actual and<br />prospective business starters</p><strong>Entrepreneurship School</strong><p>Teamwork is required in this<br />intensive workshop</p><strong>ZE Summer Summit</strong><p>The 2013 Summit<br />on Mount Brocken</p><strong>ZE on the (b)rock</strong><p>The 2014 Summit<br />on Mount Brocken</p>

ZE Zentrum für Entrepreneurship (Centre for Entrepreneurship): Entrepreneurship, Innovation and SMEs at PFH Private University of Applied Sciences

ZE Zentrum für Entrepreneurship

PFH: Focusing on Entrepreneurship

The ZE Zentrum für Entrepreneurship, as the central body of the PFH as a university for entrepreneurs and business starters, is systematically geared to the formation and encouragement of entrepreneurial thinking and practice.


With its diverse range of services, the ZE provides inspiration for the firm establishment of a culture of entrepreneurial initiative and autonomy.

Range of Services


Supporting entrepreneurial initiative


Initial and further training of entrepreneurs


Scientific support via research


Supervising entrepreneurial projects


Supporting high-potential start-ups

Gründungsradar: PFH ist erneut eine der besten Unternehmerhochschulen

Laut der Studie Gründungsradar zählt die PFH zu den Hochschulen mit der besten Gründungsförderung Deutschlands. In der Kategorie der kleinen Hochschulen mit weniger als 5.000 Studierenden landet sie unter den Top Drei.

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Gründungsideenschmiede für Studierende und Alumni

Anfang Mai fand im Hotel "Zum Löwen" die vierte Entrepreneurship School statt. 15 Gründer-Teams der drei Göttinger Hochschulen PFH, Georg-August-Universität, HAWK sowie der Uni Groningen nutzten die Gelegenheit um ihre Geschäftsideen weiter zu entwickeln.

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Das ZE Team Entrepreneurship im Team

Contact ZE Team: Coaching, funding etc.

Tel: +49 (0)551 54700-126




PFH Private Hochschule Göttingen

The state-recognised PFH is a private university focusing on entrepreneurial thinking. It offers on-campus and distance-learning study programmes in the areas of management, technology, healthcare technology and psychology. The campus locations are in Göttingen, Stade and Berlin, and there are distance-learning centres across Germany and Austria.

Entrepreneurship in the Study Programmes

Entrepreneurship is a cross-cutting focus in the study programmes of General Management Bachelor of Science, Business Administration Bachelor of Science and General Management Master of Science. Some of the subjects to which the Entrepreneurship focus or field of study is geared include:

  • Business start-up
  • Holistic development of companies
  • Innovation management
  • SME management
  • E-entrepreneurship
  • Company succession
  • Entrepreneurial initiative

Pro-Motion: Our Expert Network

Effective, workable social networks, from whose community sponsors and mentors can be recruited as multipliers for entrepreneurial projects, act as a supportive aid.

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